Friday, February 24, 2012

Her First....

Well Kamryn has had her first sickness. The past week she has been very congested and we could tell she finally caught the cold the rest of us had been battling. We were so excited that she avoided the flu bug. On Tuesday she had green goop coming out of her eyes so I called the dr. on Wednesday morning and made an appointment for that afternoon. She had been eating and sleeping great and wasn't fussy. We got into the office and I was told that she had a sinus infection and a raging ear infection. I'm so glad that she had that goop or I never would have thought to bring her in and she could have been miserable.

She continues to amaze me with her toughness. :)
and now weighs 10lbs 11 oz.

This weekend we are going with Ryan's family to a hotel to spend a night with everyone. Should be a good time. And I promise I will get some sort of pictures posted soon.