Thursday, November 22, 2012

One Year (late)

Well Kamryn's one year birthday has come and gone on November 10th. I have sat down a few different times to write about it but just haven't pulled through. There has been a lot going on here and time got away. (I totally sucked at the October challenge but may still finish it up).

But for today....Kamryn's Stats:
She is FINALLY on the charts! She weighed in at 15lbs 8oz which put her in the first percentile. That means out of 100 kids, she is bigger than 1 of them! :) You go girl!

But milestone wise she is right on the money. She is walking all over the place. Loves to clap, dance, play peek a boo, wave bye bye, and take her brothers toys away and just giggle, giggle, giggle. She says mama, dada, and uh oh along with tons of babbling. She has helped heal our hearts. We sure do wish that Jackson was able to be here with us but I am confident that he had quite the party up with his other Father.

We had a small party for Kamryn with just family and she is definitely a blessed/loved little girl.

Our little miracle in her birthday outfit

Protective older brother. Caden (and William) both adore her!

Glitter Batons... every girl needs one. Just not when she has 2 older brothers who treat it like a sword. This leads to glitter water all over. And a not so happy mama.

Crazy girl. She was not real thrilled with her cupcake. In fact she wanted nothing to do with it.

She did however LOVE the chocolate cake that her dad had.
Her new buddy.
Happy Birthday Sweet Miracle Girl and Heavenly Baby Boy! We Love You Both So Much.
Mama and Dada