Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend.... No words... Pictures say enough. :)

I planned on putting more in but for some reason they will not load right or fast at all.... so here are a few.

We spent time up north at my families cabin...... and then came home and brought the boys to the parade and crazy bounce.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 heartbeats...

We had our 12 week appointment today. And we were able to hear both heartbeats. It was great. You hear that being sick is a good thing but it doesn't take away all of the insecurity. So to have that reassurance was such a blessing. The babes must have been right next to each other or on top of each other because when Dr. H tried to locate them he got both at the same time. If you listen closely you can hear both of them.... They sound like a horse galloping..... I love it.... and I love them so much already!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

tears of happiness...

I was once again reminded tonight of how precious my boys are to me. Today has been a little rough. Well worth it as every day but a little rough. So Ryan was great about letting me take a little nap before hooking up to my IV. Caden and Will were very cooperative about not wrestling around tonight but laying low and watching cartoons and playing with each other.

Bed time soon rolls around and Caden tells me to relax and that he will put Will to bed. I watch the two of them go into the bathroom and I can hear Caden helping Will brush his teeth. Next thing I know they are both in Will's bed. And they are saying prayers together with no prompting from me. Talk about sweet music to my ears. Obviously I got teary eyed. Caden soon after tells Will it is time to sleep and he doesnt need to be scared but if he does then he can turn on his lamp to feel better.

I am sitting on the couch in awe when Caden comes to hug and kiss me good night. He notices the tears in my eyes and asks if I'm ok.....

Thank you God for my sweet hearted babes.... I am so blessed.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

12 Weeks

I am officially at the 12 week mark. Our first trimester is over with. And I am hoping with that the sickness will begin to wind down. I am scheduled to get a PIC line put in and to have an IV machine at my house. That means i can get fluids every night. While this makes me excited because I feel better when I am hydrated I'm also a little concerned it might interfere with my bath times at night. :) I love baths! As long as they can continue I will be fine. There's something about just laying back and relaxing that makes me feel good.
We go to see our Dr. this week for the first "official" time for this pregnancy. We go to church with him and have talked frequently. But will have our first appointment on Wednesday.
I still have to upload the pictures from our last ultrasound. Will try to get around to that soon.

Here they are....

Friday, May 13, 2011


Well things have been going ok here. I will be 11 weeks in 2 days. Things have been a little rough but I am still soaking it all in. I have gone into the hospital a few different times to get an IV due to dehydration. Hopefully the sickness will be over soon or at least improve. Until then I have a pass to free fluids whenever I need them. :)
We are so lucky to have such great family and friends surrounding us. Without them we would definitely be lost.
The one good thing about having to go in was that we got to see the little nuggets again. Pictures will be coming.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I am so grateful for all the incredible mom's I know.
And I am so glad to be able to have the opportunity to be one.
I am a mom to 2 angels in Heaven
2 crazy boys that I wouldn't trade for anything
and 2 more babies that are coming.

Thank you to all the Mom's I know for being such incredible examples.

Monday, May 2, 2011


What a great day today has been.

We got to start out our morning by seeing our little nuggets wiggling all over the place. And due to how well they are doing we were released from our clinic to our OB. Yahoo!!!

But even more special is the fact that today is our anniversary. Today marks 8 years of marriage for us. It has been 8 years of up's and down's that could have broken us apart but instead brought us closer together.

I am so grateful for Ryan and everything that he is to our family.

Once I figure out how to upload pictures and videos I will get some from our appointment today.

I hope this works... (ignore the commentary. i was a teary mess and saying cool was the only thing that came out).