Monday, April 30, 2012

Williams 5!!!

(i started this post on the 13th and am just getting around to finishing it. I feel like such a blog slacker lately.)

What a great day it was on Friday April 13th. My William turned 5 and it was quite the special day for him. We started the day off by me being the special helper in his class. Which means he got to do special things. Big stuff to a preschooler.

Then when class was done I took him out on a date. Just me and my big boy. I told him we could do whatever he wanted. So he choose Wendy's for lunch. I got the 10 piece nugget for us to split and by the time I went to grab one he had them all gone. WOW! Guess your appetite gets bigger as you get older. :)

When he was stuffed he told me he wanted to go to crazy bounce which is a indoor play area with inflatables. That was great as it was just the two of us for the first little bit. But then two younger girls showed up and i was told i could go sit on the bench cause he had some new friends to play with..... ummmmmm NO! I told him this was OUR day together and stole him back. I know.... I know.... a little ridiculous on my part but I don't get enough time with them now that i'm working full time again so I need to take as much as I can get.

So after that little fiasco I asked if he wanted to leave and go bowling instead. So we did. And Ryan was able to stop by for just a little bit which Will loved. And i'm not going to say which mom got beat by her 5 year old either. I blame the fact that I actually threw the ball while he used the little ramp thing.

The entire day was such a blessing and then we had his party that night. Complete with presents, cake, a dora pinata (long story behind that one), and lots of love and laughter.

I am so blessed beyond words. My heart is getting all warm again just thinking about it all. Once my sister gets me pictures I will get some uploaded. (anyone else sick of hearing that?) :(