Tuesday, August 21, 2012

9 months

Kamryn turned 9 months last week. I cannot believe it. We went to the doctor last night for her appointment. It was good and bad.
Here are her stats....
Height - 26 inches
Weight - 13lbs 11oz.
Head circ. - 25%

So she is just squeaking into the 1st percentile. Since the end of April she has only gained 11 oz. :(

Thankfully though she is meeting all the milestones of a 9 month old. She just looks like a 4 month old still. We were told once again that it is something that we may need to be concerned about. If she does not start to catch up by the time she is 2 then we will have to see a specialist to make sure there isnt something wrong with her growth hormones or some other issue.

It could be nothing but he would rather get it checked and know then not do something and have it be an issue. And due to the complications that we faced during the pregnancy and that she was not growing well then already.... it raises a red flag.

We are not worried about it just yet. I just think we will never have to worry about her being on the bottom of a pyramid, or drastically increasing our grocery bill, or growing out of clothes too quickly. :)

And her smile and attitude is big enough to make her seem like a toddler already.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

VaCaTiOn 2012

We had our vacation this past week. We started it out with the flu bug and esentially ended it with a bug. So not exactly what we expected but we made the best of it and had fun. Having a 9 month old certainly changed the dynamics in ways we didnt think about. There wasn't a lot of time for Ryan and I to reconnect but it is worth every minute.
How could you look at these sweet faces and not think so....

I have to locate the camera so I can get a picture with Caden. These are just 2 uploaded from my phone. I love these kids more than words can say.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pure love

every night when we put the kids to bed we pray with them and talk to them about their day. And then before bed we go back in to check them and cover them up if they need it. Tonight I was doing laundry and went in to put some of their stuff away.
To my surprise Caden was still awake. (this never happens! Normally as soon as he hits his pillow he is asleep within 5 seconds)So I started to stratch his back and we started talking. Life hasn't been easy lately with a lot of stresses and we were having a great talk. He stops and grabs my hand and proceeds to ask if I think we should pray together.

This boy amazes me and when my heart is sad and heavy... he lifts me up. I am so blessed to be his mom.

Friday, August 3, 2012

One more week

til we are on VACATION!!!

A much needed vacation. Time to get away from work, drama, the day to day business that consumes so much of your life.