Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I have a guy that I work with whose wife is new to photography. She offered us a free session at our house to be done shortly after Kamryn was born. She wanted to a more natural type setting in a home with everyone. How do you pass that up? And I am so happy with how the pictures turned out! The boys weren't real cooperative as they both wanted to sit by Kamryn and couldn't so they got mad and we didn't get as many with all of us as we wanted. But they are still incredible. Here is a preview of a few of them.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Due Date

Today is the official due date for Jackson and Kamryn. I cannot begin to explain how glad I am that we did not have to wait til today.

While I am sure that Jackson is having a great time where he is, I can only assume that Kamryn feels the same way.  :)
She is doing so great! The boys are still in love with her. And she continues to heal us. It is not in a way that we will ever forget the journey it took to get her here or the loss that we encountered. But it is still in a way that we are grateful for.

Kamryn is a great baby. She is not fussy and is very content. She even sleeps really well so far. Only getting up once at night now that we don't have to wake her every three hours. If all our babies were like her I don't think I would ever stop having them. (if we could get prego on our own that is. HA!)

We are so blessed by Caden, William, and Kamryn - THANK YOU GOD!!!