Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'm sure everyone has heard about the shooting in Connecticut...... my heart breaks for these families. How can someone even consider walking into a school, looking at all those sweet innocent faces, and then taking their lives.

My sister called me late in the afternoon to tell me about what happened. I had no idea and my stomach was immediately nauseous. There was a pit there the size of a bowling ball as I imagined my sweet William sitting in his kindergarten class. The fear that must have surrounded those kids. Not knowing what was happening and surely not comprehending the outcome that was possible. Once i knew that my boys were home, I could not help but call to just hear their voices and to tell them how much I love them. And the hugs lasted quite a while longer than normal, bedtime was a little bit later, and the prayers lasted a lot longer.

To the families.....
No words can express the heartache that will be with you through these next days, months, and years to come. But there are strangers out there who will be praying for you.

And my heart is hopeful knowing that 3 of my boys will be welcoming them into the best place there is. Giving them assurance - fear not! For your heavenly Father is so excited to have you running into his arms.

We weep for you precious babies.... but Heaven is now a better place with you there.