Wednesday, June 5, 2013

William's 6!!! a much delayed post.

I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted and how much has happened since then! Among the 2 most important would be my William turning 6 and Ryan and I celebrating our 10 year anniversary! :)

My William first:
He planned his whole party months before it actually took place. The kid amazes me with his drive and energy and imagination. He wanted to have a carnival type party with a cowboy theme. I know right? too funny.

He had game stations that he came up with. Duck bowl, treasures in bird seed, tic tac toe board, bucket bonanza, putt put, basketball shooting, pin the tail on uncle Drew, a painting station with shirts and ceramics and more. For each game played you won tickets to "buy" prizes.

It was supposed to be a great day until Caden woke up sick (and stayed that way for 9 days)! So we decided to postpone the party. Instead we went on a date swimming and to Wendy's. The next day - Will ended up sick, then Kamryn a few days later, we battled the noro-virus for almost 3 weeks. Phew. Once that ended we had the party and the day turned out to be GREAT! So fun and Will said it was his best day so far. E.V.E.R. :) I love that boy.

The Birthday Boy

We figured ducks in bird seed was less messy than kids and water.

Cowboy cupcakes

Looking for buried treasure

Pinata time

 Pin the tail on Uncle Drew :) Best Game Ever!

Kamryn full of Cake. Will thought she was hilarious.

Mitchell loved his home made ticket pocket.

One of the beloved prize tables