Sunday, September 23, 2012

Adults Only

This weekend was Great! My Ryan's birthday is coming up on the 26th. A while back I had asked him what he wanted for his present and his response was simple. He just wanted to go fishing, him and I since we didnt get to do much on vacation this summer. It is hard to do with 3 kids under 7. Especially with an infant.

So I made some calls and arranged for the kids to have a place to go for the weekend. We both took Friday off of work and headed to my grandma's cottage that I rented until Sunday afternoon. NICE! The only problem was that the weather man was calling for rain all weekend long. So we dropped the boys off at school and Ryan's mom came to watch Kamryn for the day. (She watches them every Friday - Blessed!) Before we headed to the cottage though we made a quick detour to Gander Mountain and bought me some new rain gear and a few lures. So glad we did that! I would have been miserable otherwise.

We got the boat launched, went to the cottage and unpacked, then geared up and headed out. I love fishing. Especially with Ryan. But it is not as enjoyable in the freezing cold with downpouring rain. Even so we vowed to make the best of it. And it was worth it when my hubby realed this bad boy in...... Nice pike huh? :)

Anyone who knows me knows that I am deathly afraid of the water. After watching him land this guy.....well it made me realize I won't be swimming in there anytime soon. We both also caught a couple nice bass and then called it a night. Saturday we came back home to watch the boys play soccer (which was canceled due to rain) then headed right back out. Did some more fishing in the pouring cold rain and I caught 5 really nice bass like these and Ryan didn't catch anything. But he was fishing for more pike, not really for bass.

Sunday we didn't catch anything and ended up heading back home early cause we missed the kids terribly. It was our first weekend away from the boys in a really long time and the first time leaving Kamryn. Man were we glad to get them in our arms. :) This weekend was a great time to reconnect with each other and have some fun. Even in the rain.

p.s. I think I am going to write the DNR asking for them to open up a season on The Blue Heron. Every day as we were fishing these birds scared the living you know what out of me. They sound like a Velociraptor flying through the air. I thought I was going to fall out of the boat one time it scared me so bad. I will have my revenge somehow....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Constant Reminders

Just when things are going well and life is sailing smoothly.... WHAM! A reminder of what happened. Our fertility clinic has to keep track of eery pregnancy outcome that happens at their facility. So we received a letter asking when our little ones arrived, weight, sex, etc.

So I called and left a message after hours hoping that the answers would be sufficient. Well I must have not been clear enough so got a call from one of the nurses for clarification. I explained a bit more and her response was "wow- you sure have been through a lot". Yup....we have. But thankfully the outcome this time left me with one open arm not two. And my heart has healed a little each day when I listen to the laughter by the three I have here.

I wonder how others out there respond when asked about their situations. When people ask you about your kids do you include the ones you lost? I do sometimes and other times don't when I can't handle the explainations. But then I feel so guilty. I know they are there. That I have 6 kids only though 3 are visible.

On a lighter side though - Kamryn has her first tooth finally. Only took 10 months to get it. She handled it like a champ. :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Tonight was a great night. We took the kids out to supper and then decided to take them to the Outdoor Discovery Center. I was supposed to chaperonea field trip there for Caden's class on Friday but since it was supposed to rain it was canceled. Talk about a disappointed kid. So Ryan and I had our own field trip with him, William and Kamryn. They loved wandering all the trails and in the middle there is a bird atrium. One of the falcons had even caught a mouse so we watched him have dinner for a while.

We got home and I was putting the boys to bed with Ryan and we went through our normal routine of talking about the day and then saying prayers with them. Caden loves to have his back scratched so I climbed up to the top bunk with him and started scratching.

Next thing I know Ryan is shaking me and telling me to get up. There is just something so sweet about laying next to your kids snuggling and then waking up with them in your arms. :)

Ryan helped me climb down and as I was kissing William good night he opens his eyes and tells me that tomorrow night it is his turn. You got it buddy!

Sleep tight my sweet angels.